List of Out of context/funny moments in the cool kid discord server

We have the Kunga corner up first.

Our next Section is my personal section, because i am just that hilarious.

The next section we have is the "Dankies" section. These are the little dankpod kids that I hate

Our next section is the Cash section. Cash says the darndest things, and we love him for that

and here we have the cash face reveal

Next, we have the out of context/funny section.

We have these classic Steve Mike/Steven James messages

next is the political funnies

These ones dont fall under any specific category they are just funny

Recently, Nitin was banned from the server. I now dedicate this section to our favorite boy

This is my message to honor the loss of a good man

and now back to our regularly scheduled program.

and the next, and my all time favorite moment in nitin story, is the 3DS friend code saga (only akki and nitin messages present to keep things not cluttered).


Thank you to McKinley, Nachog, Cashuuuu, Zer0, and many others for helping me with these screenshots i love you all.